Modern Bathtubs – A Compact Urban Solution

modern bathtubs

Property trends are often impacted by lifestyle trends. The motto: ‘Live-Work-Play’ has certainly influenced the urban real estate market. Less square footage in upmarket urban inner city apartments and townhouses does not mean design should be compromised. Luxury definitely comes in small packages. Modern bathtubs are revolutionising compact urban spaces with a minimalist and elegant solution.

A smaller compact bathroom has all the potential of having a big personality. A minimalist approach becomes the priority when designing your space. By removing unnecessary items and fussy detailing, modern bathtubs become the opportunity and investment pieces to create striking focal points, no matter the size of your bathroom. This means your own personal ‘spa’ experience is not limited by space.

The illusion of space

To maximise the floor space of a smaller property and still retain the advantages and ‘feel’ of a larger space, means getting clever with design tricks. Instead of visualising modern bathtubs restricted by floor space, consider the space opportunities from floor to ceiling. A modern bathtub in the form of a ‘soaker tub’ will still bring the magic into your compact contemporary space. DADO’s Julia freestanding bath from the modern bathtubs range is designed specifically with the urban apartment and townhouse in mind. The deeper profile of the Julia bath allows you to relax and have a deep, luxurious soak. DADO’s compact modern bathtubs range will seamlessly complement the contemporary minimalist look, giving the illusion of space.

The influence of trends

Globally, property developers and architects are designing and building smaller living spaces. By going upward, this has given rise to compact living, challenging bathroom designers to become creative and innovative when it comes to fusing luxury and style into contemporary smaller homes. This urban living trend is the perfect space for compact modern bathtubs to make their mark. Their artistic presence has added functionality and a beautiful aesthetic – simplifying your space and your bathing experience.

The timeless and classic look of the, Ava, Julia and Morgane compact modern bathtubs from DADO will fit almost any bathroom and will beautifully transform your urban bathing space.

The innovation of DADO

DADO’s luxury bathroom ware brand, established in 2007, is at the forefront of the latest bathroom trends. The DADO bathtub and basin range is proudly manufactured in South Africa from unique DADOquartz material. In addition to the compact range of freestanding bathtubs, DADO also manufactures a wide range of modern and classic freestanding bathtubs  complemented by DADO’s freestanding basins.  

Bespoke bathware is the exclusive distributor in Australia of DADO quartz baths and basins, providing the official manufacturer;s lifetime warranty of 25 years.

Contact DADO today or find your nearest DADO distributor from our Store Locator to view our products and transform your bathroom, no matter its size, into a luxurious retreat.




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